Elixir Social Campaign Is Live — The Ritual

Watchman Zēk
2 min readApr 12, 2024

In my previous article, I’ve discussed about Elixir a lot. We have addressed different stages which includes The Validator Task (Alchemy 2), The Apothecary and This Campaign. You can read this article to Participate in Elixir Apothecary. This campaign will enable you to earn potion without using funds or locking funds.

Elixir community can participate in various task to earn free potions by contributing socially through this tasks. Joining their Discord and Private Telegram will give you more access to this rituals.

You need to Compete against other cult community members and best entries will also win spots to the private Telegram with more opportunities. It was previously opened to thr First 2000 Members. This is why you need to give a follow on X(Twitter) for quick updates like this.

Discord Link : https://discord.gg/elixirnetwork

Private Telegram : ??? ( Earn it) Private telegram only have less than 3000 Participant.

There will be unique challenges and events that will reward potions to participants. At this moment, there is an ongoing tasks. Join the above discord and navigate to the Ritual channel.

Ensure your connecting your wallet, Discord and Twitter to the Apothecary website. This where you earn points/ Potions from your contributions.

Link : www.elixir.xyz/refer/user_check_47341

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